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A strong team makes a strong company!

But … creating strong teams takes more than just organizing team-building days. It also takes efficient ways of working together. Microsoft Teams is your partner to create strong teams. It is a hub where you and your co-workers can collaborate, meet, call, chat, translate etc. The range of different channels allows communicating more efficient and work seamless together. In short, you can do better work in such an easier way.

Microsoft Teams takes your company to the next level, because when people work together amazing things happen!

Take a head start in a new way of working.

Teams for Teams will help the users in your organization to successfully adopt
the market leader in social collaboration: Microsoft Teams

Did you know…

…there is a chat-based collaboration platform for teams and projects
…with document management integrated cloud storage and applications
…for which you are probably already paying if you are a Microsoft Office 365 customer
…and chances are it's currently not even being used (or at least not as you would want it to be)

There is a chat-based collaboration platform for teams and projects

with document management integrated cloud storage and applications

For which you are probably already paying if you are a Microsoft Office 365 customer

…and chances are it’s currently not even being used

(or at least not as you would want it to be)

Why we love Microsoft Teams

Natural communication
Social = Key
Private Knowledge Islands
It's Secure

What can you expect from Teams for Teams?

Our offering is a slick set of tools & techniques to maximise your implementation of Microsoft Teams.

We cover the needs of both the HR as ICT departments to offer their users a necessary tool & technology to dramatically improve the (internal) collaboration & communication.

  1. Define Digital Collaboration Vision & Strategy

  2. Align management teams about the change

  3. Recruit & train ambassadors

  4. Create governance framework with IT and the business

  5. Build an online knowledge community

  6. Prepare, launch & support pilot projects

  7. Guided roll-out in the organization

  8. Measure, evaluate & optimize

Microsoft Teams is the go-to app from the Office 365 suite to support your knowledge workers in their collaboration the way it should be in 2020. And with the right governance framework IT also will become a huge fan of this new way of working.

Hans Vandenberghe

User Adopter & Change Coach

What’s already in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams offers an out-of-the-box collaboration platform for teams & projects, and combines integrated cloud storage & known applications (standard Office apps) against a powerful (yet unvisible) SharePoint background. Teams is a ultra user-friendly layer allowing smooth social collaboration.

Easy file sharing & Information governance
Data management & exchange options
Private & open communication and chat channels
OneNote, Planner & other productivity apps
Skype for business to host online meetings
Calender & mailbox
Include guests from outside your organization
Secured access & shadow IT elimination

Let’s do something with this unexploited potential!

HR or ICT responsibles shouldn’t be worrying about the successful implementation or roll out of Microsoft Teams. We take away your worries by implementing a universal solution, tailor-made for your organisation. Combining our product implementation & human change management experience, we assure a smooth adoption of Microsoft Teams by the people in your organisation.

Enter Teams For Teams

We've done this before

A phased approach combining governance and change initiatives"

Fit for you

Fitted to suit your organizational needs and digital strategy

We do this together

Extend your user adoption program with our Collaboration Coaches

Let others tell you how we did

Rolling out Microsoft Teams with a focus on governance and thoughtful guidance turned out to be the right solution for our rapidly growing organization.

Robin Pauwels

Robin Pauwels - ICT & Infrastructure Manager


We opted to invest in phased user adoption and change management. And that proved to be the right decision. After 30 days we already had 50% active Teams users wordwide.

Natalie Vuylsteke

Natalie Vuylsteke - Digital Collaboration Specialist


Want to get more out of Microsoft Teams?

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