The benefits of using Microsoft Teams

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We all know how business meetings go: unstructured conversations, missing files or a participant has not received the meeting invitation. But … what if it could be more efficient? What if you had one platform for all your teamwork where you could work together with your co-workers on the same files, on the same time, on the same place. It is time for the new way of working! Let us introduce you our friend Microsoft Teams.

Collaborating with different people, on any device, on different times

A strong team makes a strong company! But … creating strong teams takes more than just organizing team-building days. It also takes efficient ways of working together. Microsoft Teams is your partner to create strong teams. It is a hub where you and your co-workers can collaborate, meet, call, chat, translate etc. The range of different channels allows communicating more efficient and work seamless together. In short, you can do better work in such an easier way.

Microsoft Teams takes your company to the next level, because when people work together amazing things happen!

Sending emails has never been so easy

Need to get an important email to your co-workers? Super easy! Just send it to the channel of your choice in Microsoft Teams, select the channel’s email address and send. There you have it, everybody in your team is now able to see your email. Say ‘hello’ to better communication, say ‘goodbye’ to communication difficulties.

The added value of dual screen smartphones

With your mobile device you can share your screen and documents with your co-workers while you are calling them. This makes working even more productive and efficient.

As the icing on the cake, imaging having dual screen smartphones combined with Microsoft Teams. Wow, a powerful duo you can not ignore! Productivity, mobility and flexibility all at once. You and your co-workers can communicate more efficient on the office, at home or on a business trip.

Curious about the benefits of the dual screen smartphone and how it looks like? In this article we will zoom in on this tool!


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